Charles Keen (charliekeenjr) wrote in love_is_oxygen,
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1:30 AM post...

Well, I have NOT much to say, but hey... I'm HAPPY.

Well, I'm making my FIRST official post here. So, here it goes:

David (my partner/boyfriend/Kitten) did one of the SWEETEST things for me Yesterday afternoon! He gave me an EARLY BirthDay present. He paid for ME to have a PAID Membership to LiveJournal! I'm speachless.. No, wait... I'm totally FULL of things to say!!!

I'm so happy. I have such a WONDERFUL boyfriend!

Okay, I'm TIRED, bed-time!

**side-note** The icon I'm using for THIS post is David! That's such a sexy picture of him (in my biased opinion)!
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